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To Grow Thriving Students
BOOK NOW Helping develop your students’ spirituality,
wellbeing, and relationships with self, others and God.
Engage your Students And
Inspire Change
BOOK NOW Our balanced, engaging and dynamic programs
will provide your students with a variety of opportunities
to reflect, laugh, be challenged, and grow individually
and as a year level.
Leadership, Wellbeing,
Resilience, Spirituality
BOOK NOW Your students will experience and explore
what it means to authentically live the key Gospel
messages in ways that are highly relevant
and meaningful for them.

What Makes Project Hatch Different?

When it comes to retreats and reflection days, many schools find it difficult providing a range of fully integrated programs that creates lasting influence. Some also struggle keeping retreats on their calendars due to other pressures. The Project Hatch team helps schools provide highly effective programs that are teacher tested and student approved.

We know how hard it can be to deliver effective programs and have helped schools across Australia to provide retreats that engage, challenge and empower their students. And when your students experience an effective program, spirituality is strengthened, students grow in self-esteem, create greater positive influence and the year level unifies.





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Discover how our balanced, dynamic programs will give your students a variety of opportunities to engage, be challenged and learn.

Your students will experience and learn proven mindfulness and emotional intelligence strategies which they can use daily.

Your school’s new evangelisation and unique charism are echoed in the spirituality input.

"Attendance of our senior retreat used to be very low, however since engaging Project Hatch attendance has increased significantly. I believe this is because the program offered is open to all faith perspectives and challenges participants in a fun and safe way to explore their faith and what’s important to them."

Campus Minister, Queensland

Our Programs

Project Hatch will help you and your school provide highly effective retreats and reflection days with long lasting impact.


Yr 7 & 8

The many changes students experience during Yr 7 and 8 can make it difficult for them to know who they really are and who they want to be. This lively, engaging and challenging program helps your students gain a deeper understand of self while being reminded of their God given value.


Yr 9 & 10

Given that we more naturally focus on the negatives in self and others, it is important to counteract this by intentionally searching for and acknowledging the positives. When we do so, we acknowledge God’s presence within all of us. As a Yr 9 student said, “This day helped us open our eyes to the positive qualities in each other and brought us closer together as a group”.


Yr 10 & 11

All students have the ability to create real, positive change through acts of servant leadership and they discover how during this program.


Yr 12

Yr 12 Retreats are a special opportunity and invitation for your students to explore, discover and experience their relationships with themselves, others and God.


Yr 6

We help your Yr 6s become inspired and prepared for the big year ahead and then guide them through the transitioning process as they ready themselves to say good bye.


All Year Levels

You know your students and the messages they need to hear and we’d love to co-create a program with you specifically designed for your students.


Discover the 7 Tips for Creating Effective Retreat Programs.


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