Grounded in proven mindfulness and emotional intelligence strategies as well as
contemporary theology, the Moments of Stillness daily audio meditations and written reflections offer students and staff a prayer experience that is engaging and accessible to all while also firmly grounded in Christian scripture and Catholic tradition.

The daily three minute audio meditations allow students to experience prayer in a way that aligns with secular principles and practices of mindfulness, while clearly aligned with scripture, the liturgical calendar and a theological understanding of the immanence of God in the everyday realities of life for students. Some schools play these meditations over the PA system for the entire school, while others allow their teachers to play them at the start of class.

The weekly staff resource provides theological reflection on the Sunday Gospel for the week and questions for reflection or discussion that invite a recontextualised understanding of the weekly scripture. This is a ready resource for staff prayer.

Many schools are using these resources as a practical way to enhance their Catholic identity as it is closely aligned with the foundations of Enhancing Catholic School Identity developed by the Catholic University of Leuven.

For more information on how these short audio meditations support your school in Enhancing Catholic School Identity, please download the PDF.